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4Elements showroom store - in the online mode!
Where to buy water pumps in Moldova? Which boiler can provide a bigger energy saving - solid fuel or a gas consuming model? What is the difference between the diffuser and the anemostat, and what should be purchased for installing a complete ventilation system? Get a detailed answer to any of these questions, and, most importantly, find the best possible price solution at our the website! We supply the national market with the most wast assortment of engineering equipment for ventilation, heating, water supply and irrigation systems. And it gets better, because we offer professional services in installation and commissioning of pumps, boilers and other products, as well as repair service.

We are constantly improving our range of commodities, adding dozens of unique items of goods every day. Each product, whether it's a water pump or a boiler, has a detailed list of parameters and functions, so the process of selecting the right model won't take too much time. In addition, we can order and deliver the needed model of any equipment at the specific inquiry.

Our brands are:

  • Pedrollo, Zilmet, Esbe, Lowara
  • Bugatti Valvosanitaria, Genebre, Oras, Luigi Floridia
  • Metalgrup, Novasfer, Ferroli, Nova Florida, Radiatori 2000
  • Grundfos, Dreno Pompe, Judo, ACV International, Pool Spa
  • Sanha, Valsir, Icma, Kotar, Manros, Aquasystem
  • Maico Ventilatoren, Rovatti, Novasfer
  • Kanex, Sahna, Valsir, Officine Rigamonti
  • Era, Teplodar, RosTurPlast etc.