Self-priming pumps

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self-priming pumps Pedrollo in Moldova

the term "self-priming pump" is associated with the principle operation of the device. First start the pump and its operation are carried out when filling the housing with liquid, hence the name "self-priming". If self-priming pump is a tank, it klassificeret already pumping station, and this equipment is widely used for Autonomous systems in private houses, and so Raising water from the depths, the pump is passing through the casing, while it may be at a distance from the intake point (small). Self-priming is due to the ejector body connected to the camera that it creates a negative pressure necessary for the implementation of this effect. At this moment circulating through the ejector, the water displaces air volume in chamber pressure and vents for the output pipeline. There is a vacuum, which in turn promotes the formation of suckling. Pedrollo self-priming pumps are resistant to the presence of air to pumped medium, so they have higher performance characteristics in comparison with analogues from other manufacturers.

In our online shop you will find self-priming pump Pedrollo JSW series, JDW, Plurijet, JSW, JCR, and other popular models of the line of the Italian brand. The manufacturer emphasizes that its production involves not only improved performance, but also has a low noise level, which is very important for many consumers. Buy Pedrollo self-priming pumps can also credit: please check all the details and availability of your desired products from our managers.