Drainage pumps

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Drainage pumps in Moldova

This group of pumps is used for a wide range of applications: drainage pumps pump out and divert the contaminated water, characterized by the presence of a large amount of foreign impurities from storage tanks of any type: this is the drainage holes, sewage pipelines, treatment plants, flooded mines, pits and cellars. Household drain pump is indispensable for the private sector, where after the summer rains the basement often flooded. Owners of such houses know that the farm will never be over and the fecal pump, but many are confusing its function with the pump draining or even take them for one product. But there are differences: both pumps are used approximately to the same environment, but fecal pumps handle water that contains a larger fraction of solid particles (3 to 10 mm). If your object in the water contains solid waste larger diameter, it is advisable to buy faecal pump. Let us dwell on the characteristics of the drainage equipment.

Drainage pumps can be submersible or surface. Surface drainage pump is designed for installation near the drain holes or any other tank. In the early stage of work should be lowered into the pumped hole the hose to start the process of drainage. To ensure that the work took place in the automatic mode, the pump float mechanism required for protection against dry running. The most innovative models of drainage pumps are characterised by high tightness of the housing, which eliminates the ingress of water into the engine, protecting it from breakage. When choosing a sump pump are taken into account the following factors: General specifications water tank (location, depth, surface) and the degree of contamination of the water.