Electro heaters for baths and saunas

Electrical stone heaters by Teplodar are capable of creating a unique microclimate in the sauna of a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

Electric furnaces are designed for:

- to heat and maintain the desired temperature in the sauna room;

- for the continuous generation of steam in the steam generation unit to control the water flow through the control panel (automatic mode) or in a manual mode;

- to produce steam from the stones.

Electric sauna stoves Teplodar are made from environmentally friendly materials, and because of that all the equipment is safe to operation the bath and sauna. Furnaces are used effectively in the saunas of different sizes, compact dimensions allow to position them comfortably in the steam room.

Steam generator SteamCartridge

Model SteamCartridge can fill up the room up to 10 m3 with a big amount of light steam.

Floor-mounted electrical stone heater SteamGross

Electrical stone stove with built-in steam generator. Built-in water tank provides up to 6 hours of continuous steaming.

Wall-mounted electrical stone heater SteamSib

SteamSib can provide the heating of steam room with volume from 2 m3 and gives powerful steam, without drying the air.

Wall-mounted electrical stone heater SteamFit

Powerful heating elements in a large SteamFit heater warming up the stones, which, in turn, heat up the room.

Electrical steam generator SteamCity

SteamCity is an electrical device for creating the authentic Russian bath climate.