Elements of the chimney

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Securing the heating system in a home or at industrial premises is not possible without the proper selection of components and chimney. Reliable chimney construction depends on the manufacturing material, which is why Teplodar chimneys are made of stainless steel resistant to weathering negative manifestations of any kind. Single-circuit chimneys produced of steel AISI 439, the thickness is 0.5 mm (0.8 mm in the pipe "Profi"), which gives the product the necessary strength and corrosion resistance.

Dual sandwich-pipe for the chimney is characterized by the presence in the composition of high-alloy steel, which is known for its heat resistance. The space between the outer and the inner tube contour is filled with a heat-insulating incombustible vermiculit.

Chimneys diameter is from 90 to 200 mm (200 and 280 mm for the outer sandwich tube), which allows them to serve as a great addition to the Teplodar stoves and fireplaces.