Sewer installations

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Sewer installation

the Sewer installation is required, if the release is below the desired level (e.g., ground floor or basement). This leads to the need of the application of a pressure Sewerage system and sewage. Due to the sewer installation, the designer may have a WC in almost any part of a building: the unit will deliver water from the reservoir (suction well) to the point of connection at the maximum possible distance. Generally, sewer installation work is carried out almost imperceptibly and silently for its owner, not demanding much attention, additional service when proper maintenance is also not necessary. The installation of the product – and agree with many experts – is simple and fast, so you have the opportunity to use the equipment almost immediately after installation. The design of a standard sewer installation is a sealed enclosure with pump, filter, nozzle, pressure sensor and shredding mechanism to facilitate drainage effluent. If connected to the shower or the machine for washing, the presence of the optional cutter; to drain water solid waste it is required.

the Principle of operation of a plant for sewage as follows: pressure switch reacts to contact with wastewater in the receiving tank and starts the pump, after which they passed through the grinding device, are displayed in the pressure pipe. After the cessation of water flow, the relay is activated, the pump automatically shuts off, and the presence of check valves prevents reverse reflux of water through the enclosure. Sewer installation Grundfos Sololift is a modern simplified solution for the private sector, the compact mobile design with great list of benefits (you can choose the direction of issue, "dry" engine, resistance to high temperature of water).