Multistage pumps [111]

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a Multistage pump is used for pumping different composition of liquid media, both pure and aggressive. In everyday life multi-stage pumps are used for water supply of residential buildings, however they are successfully used also in industrial medium-sized enterprises sector. Their main purpose – increasing pressure to increase pressure. Thanks to the compact design with a minimum of required parts, the weight of the pump is greatly reduced, so it can be embedded in the existing system without complex installation and/or repair work. That is why multistage pumps are ideal for agricultural, industrial and technological processes and domestic heating systems, water, HVAC systems. However, design features – significant, but not the only plus of multi-stage pumps, which, moreover, is economical, not wasting a lot of resources, easy to operate and produce little noise at high efficiency. The principle of operation and device to distinguish between horizontal and vertical multistage pumps. In our online store you can find the model of multistage pump Pedrollo (Italy) from solid stainless steel.