Pumping stations

Pump stations Pedrollo Hydrofresh

the Pump station you will need if you want to equip an automated system to supply water to multiple consumers in a private dwelling house or any other object with suitable conditions. Why use it a pumping station? It's just convenient as this unit fully regulates the operation of the pump, preventing not only the excessive consumption of resources, but also early wear of the pumping equipment. The savings is obvious, and that's why the acquisition of the pumping station is not worth saving. Its cost usually depends on the capacity, manufacturer and configuration, which typically comprises a motor, a pressure switch (pressure differential switch to protect against running dry), surface pump, accumulator, hose, electric cable, pressure gauge etc. high Quality pump station with good power characteristics, sufficient pressure and suction capacity can supply water to multiple points, which is enough for irrigation, bathing, washing dishes and Laundry, etc.

If you decide to buy a pump station, remember that between the type of pumping equipment is divided into several types. One of them is the water pumping station: booster, circulation and lifting stations. Pump lift station differs in configuration and number of main/additional pumps depending on the water supply scheme and water intake: 1 type – a fence of water from the source with subsequent submission to the pollution control equipment or the reservoir with pure water; type 2 – station, which takes water directly from the reservoir. As for the booster pump station (booster), the withdrawal of water occurs from the pipeline system. Circulating pump station is used more often for water supply of industrial facilities and for residential heating is not used.