Heating fireplaces

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Any fireplace by the Teplodar brand is not only a beautiful interior element, but also a completely functional heater. In addition to entering the radiant heat into the room through the large panoramic windows, fireplaces provide a quick heating of the air by convection. In our catalogue there are modifications of fireplaces thermal power from 6 to 12 kW.


All our heating fireplaces have a long service life, thanks to the use of quality materials. In some models fireboxes are made of heat-resistant stainless steel, and in the other models vermiculite plates lining is applied.

Increased long-burning mode in some fireplaces models that allows you to maintain the heat in the room up to 8 hours without having to add fuel.

Our fireplaces do not require a separate foundation. You can choose a model that fits perfectly into the interior of the house or garden. The range includes modification for corner and wall installation, as well as heating fireplaces with replaceable ceramic tiles, which makes it possible to choose the right color scheme.

Fireplaces "Tango Trio" and "Rumba" provide an additional beautiful view of the fire due to the side glass panels. Models with integrated hob are perfect fit for heating food.