Heaiting boilers

Boilers "Teplodar" are powerful heating systems, made with the introduction of new technologies, and that's why they provide reliable heat. Here are presented two basic models of boilers with power from 10 to 42 kW: the universal "Kupper" model and budget "Uyut" ("Comfort") boiler.


High efficiency of "Kupper" boilers is achieved by a tubular heat exchanger, which increases the surface of the heat removal for more than 60% with the same dimensions. Compact housing further isolated mineral cardboard. Some of models are equipped with a cast-iron stove for heating food.

Boilers "Kupper" can work on all types of solid fuel. To convert boilers to gas or pellet fuel the relevant burner installation is required. In the basic package of modifications "Kupper" enabled block heaters to maintain the heat conductor temperature after the burning of fuel. For boilers from 15 kW can be installed automatic control of combustion.

On the basis of the boilers "Kupper" You can build any type of heating system: open or closed, with forced or natural circulation of coolant. Water circuit can be connected either from the right or left side, which greatly simplifies the installation of heating systems.

The distinctive feature of "Comfort" boilers is a spacious horizontal firebox, designed for firewood up to 50 cm, however, the boiler works efficiently on other types of solid fuel. Another of their advantage - friendly price.