Heating stoves

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Heating and cooking stoves Teplodar for home and cottage are perfect for space heating of various sizes - from 50 to 300 m3. The diversity of all presented assortment makes it easy to pick up wood-burning stove for heating large country house, cottages, compact garage, porch, warehouse, etc.


High efficiency heating stoves for heating helps to economize on fuel and at the same time receive a stable and high quality heat.

Stainless steel wood burning stove Teplodar with hob allows you to extend the functionality of the equipment and save space in small spaces (garages, verandas, tents);

The special design of some models with afterburners system enables the furnaces to operate in a mode of long burning and keep the heat up to 8 hours on only a one wood laying.

Firewood - economical and environmentally friendly fuel, its use does not represent any difficulties and therefore is highly valued by users.

The compact dimensions make it easy to dismantle and transport the stove.