Heating stoves for baths and saunas

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Teplodar produces stoves for more than 17 years. Fireboxes are made of stainless steel with high chromium content (up to 17%!). This greatly improves their heat resistance. Installation of an automatic original gas burner allows to convert a typical wood-burning stove, so it gets ready to work on gas. Special icon in the catalog is marking all the modifications that are suitable to convert to gas.

Each sauna stove is designed so the heat from the burning fuel warms up as the air and stones in the steam room much as possible. Choose the model that matches the preferences: in the product range we have stoves to create a regime of dry Finnish sauna or classic Russian bath with a light steam. Closed construction of sauna stove and built-in high-speed steam generator make it possible to experiment with modes in the steam room.

You can select the sauna stove or bath stove, which is heated directly from the steam room, or from an adjacent room. Models with a panoramic door - a great solution for living room. You can admire the play of fire through the glass door with large diagonal.


L (Л) - stainless steel alloy firebox

K - convector casing combined with inserts or elements made of mirrored stainless steel

NZ (НЗ) - convector casing of mirrored stainless steel

P (П) - built-in steam generator

U (У) - the shortened fuel passage

R (Р) - built-in register-heat exchanger

T - firebox made of structural steel

Panorama (Панорама) - Special glass for fireplace (*installation option)

PROFI (Профи) - firebox, made of 4 mm thick stainless steel alloy with a chromium content of 17%