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Vortex pumps Pedrollo in Moldova

the Standard vortex pump is a hydraulic machine, whose function is carried out by transferring the rotational energy of the wheels to the fluid. Experts and ordinary users appreciate vortex pumps for small size and compact, convenient design with the minimum necessary detail, which in itself simplifies the care of the product, making his work clear and accessible even for Amateurs. The principle of the eddy pump is based on the reversibility – it means that he is able to pump the fluid in different directions. Its indisputable advantage – a function of self-suction, whereby there is no need in filling the pipe. What distinguishes vortex pumps centrifugal-vortex – increased value generated pressure and high pressure at relatively the same settings, wheel size and speed. This enables the pump to function more independently (Autonomous), minimizing the dependence on the pressure in the water system.

of Course, like any other equipment, vortex pumps, there are drawbacks, however, the manufacturers do not make this a mystery. They are not the greatest efficiency, and water with a large amount of abrasive contaminants, they are not suitable. However, in its class, these devices are really efficient. We offer the users of Moldova to the Italian vortex pumps Pedrollo, well-established in the domestic sphere. Using the filter selection on the website, you can find the perfect pump in terms of costs and characteristics. The main parameters available for selection is flow (Q) material of pump housing, engine characteristics (two-phase or three-phase), the engine power and the amount of pressure.