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the Sump pump in Moldova

a Well on private land for many still remains the main, if not the only source of water. If residents of the suburbs have wider possibilities for the device of water supply in the villages of Moldova this problem is much more serious. Especially in the case when, due to violations of technology, just a bad location of a well or any other factors, the water level in the well does not rise above two meters. In the dry season this value can sink even lower, and then the phrase "Image is nothing – thirst is everything!" will become as relevant as ever. To choose a good sump pump can be quite fast, although it is better to seek help from a specialist in the store. However, if you come armed some knowledge, you will be much easier. The type of operation to distinguish surface and submersible pumps. In this case it is necessary to focus also on the following aspects of pump power, allowed the composition of the fluid (amount of impurities), the height of rise of water, material of manufacture, cost. Submersible well pumps (for example, Lowara Pedrollo or) with stainless steel perfectly suited for the task, as it can work at great depth, have high performance and good pressure. It is important to take care of the integration of the equipment for dry run protection to the pump as long as possible performed their functions without failure.

When installing a submersible sump pump and its installation is best left to professionals – need to take care of the following: 1) reliable and durable rope that will not break and will not lead to the loss of expensive equipment; 2) during the descent of the product make sure that the housing is not in contact with the inner surface of the well; 3) must always remain a certain amount of distance to the bottom (different sources indicate different number, but the classic version – 1 m).