Ventilation systems

Properly organized ventilation is a vital condition. So before you buy a fan or recuperator, it is worthwhile to find out which type (or combination thereof) is suitable for your home or production site. Depending on how the air moves in the room, there are the natural and artificial type of ventilation. Natural ventilation is a mass of air that penetrates into the room due to the natural porosity of the wall material and also with addition of forced ventilation through the windows. This type of ventilation can not be called completely natural either, since ventilation channels are organized in residential buildings to increase airflow. Systems with artificial ventilation do not depend on external conditions and work on electricity, moving air masses over long distances, serving large areas. In residential buildings, a mixed type of ventilation is used, consisting of artificial and natural inflow and outflow of air.

Inflow air systems remove exhaust air from the premises, replacing it with a fresh one. Depending on the area and general conditions of operation of the facility, only one type of ventilation can be installed in it, or, if there are additional factors (lack of sufficient natural air inflow through the windows, etc.), including user's wish, the installation of both types of equipment with appropriate distribution of the load between them is considered.

In the 4Elements store you can purchase ventilation systems equipment for a residential building or a small commercial area. We sell domestic exhaust fans and commercial high-power fans for industrial use (axial and centrifugal), channel fans of large and small diameters, valves for protection against reverse traction, speed controllers with electronic control, diffusers and anemostats, ventilation grilles of all types, inspection hatches etc.