Borehole pumps

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submersible pumps in Moldova

If you have a house outside the city, the country or its agricultural enterprise, the phrase "well pump" for sure should not sound unfamiliar. It is used for the fence and lifting water from a depth, usually from artesian wells. The diameter and height of the well and its location (how far it is to the subject) and General characteristics (e.g., curvature) directly influence the choice of pump model and power. To ensure full water pressure, even if the point is at a distance from the building, submersible pumps irreplaceable. However, their installation should only be performed by experts because it requires adherence to a number of conditions, without which the pump will not work as hard and may even fail. The sensor dry running or pressure differential switch will protect the equipment from dry running if the hole is water, which affects its design. By type of action distinguish between surface and submersible borehole pumps. The first type is used for collecting water from depths of up to 8 meters; submersible models, respectively, are used for deeper wells. Different pump models can be installed horizontally or vertically. In our assortment you can select a model submersible borehole water pump from well-known brands Pedrollo and Lowara (Xylem). We offer you high quality control, which distinguishes the products of European manufacturers, reasonable price and competent service from our experts in the field of installation.