Circulation pumps

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the Circulation pumps

the Pumps of this type provide a forced convection of coolant in the system. The main purpose of the circulation pump is to improve convenience in use, for example, heating systems in which pipeline ceases to carry the bulk of the operational load and more emphasis just on the heating elements. If low-rise houses can exist with a traditional heating system without integration of the circulation pump, to multi-story facilities it is indispensable as the main dynamic source for improving coolant flow through the pipes. The circulation pump in its design looks quite simple: this housing includes the motor and the rotor (blade). In a residential area with a small area, usually set circulationthe with wet rotor, where the rotor and impeller are in fluid (in other words, immersed in the liquid – hence the name "wet"), which occurs due to the cooling of the engine motor. Electrical engine parts (stator) is protected, so the moisture in them is excluded. Pump with wet rotor is chosen by many users for its excellent performance, among which the compactness and ease of installation, quiet operation, no need maintenance.

When selecting a model for the circulation pump you need to check the state of the system, to identify its main characteristics, comparing them with the parameters of the product, and also calculate the operating point. All these procedures cannot be ignored, as properly selected and mounted circulating pump in the system could cause boiling of the coolant and condensing vapor in the liquid flow, which leads to hydraulic impact.