Water supply and water treatment

Shop 4Elements Showroom offers the residents of Moldova pumping equipment and equipment for water supply, heating and sewage. In our product range – every product for your everyday needs; also we have a customized program with which you can buy a pump for industrial use. It is believed that the inhabitants of many-storeyed houses where the plumbing is connected to a Central network, you can do without the purchase of pumping equipment, as the pressure in the system balanced. But practice shows that this is not the case, especially in old houses, originally designed for fewer users. In addition, water systems in many buildings are worn out, which is especially important for residents of the upper floors, which is a well-known problem with heating (cold battery), disruption of hot water and weak water pressure in the tap. However, few people know that this may not be a problem in principle, if you choose the right engineering solution to improve the water supply and install in the apartment vortex, circulation or vertical multistage pump (depending on the height of apartment).

the Owners of private houses and stand-alone systems with a selection of pump familiar to you. Here the key task is much more: it is not only water and heating, but also the improvement of sewage, allocating water and its purification, which for Moldova, which is experiencing large-scale difficulties with water quality, as relevant as ever. We can offer customers a huge selection of household electric pumps to completely solve all the issues of the housing sector and small industrial production (orchards, greenhouses, etc.). Our range of products includes products from leading European brands Pedrollo (Italy) and Lowara/Xylem (USA-Italy): you can buy drainage and faecal pumps, pressure boosting and pumping stations, eddy and circulating pumps, multistage pumps, borehole and well pumps for water intake and all accessories for the pumps (pressure switches, pressure gauges, floats, switchgear and much more).