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Reliable engineering equipment - is figuratively speaking, "skeleton", which supports the work of the whole "organism", whether it is a residential building or industrial facility. Without the proper functioning of the heating systems, water supply and ventilation in the building the normal life fades, that's why its trouble-free service is a 100% guarantee of success. Fortunately, the company ECOSANTEH S.R.L. is ready to give you a guarantee of full and absolute comfort to work non-stop, because our equipment meets the highest standards of functioning.

It is believed that the company's age says it all about its reputation, but to us it seems that the numbers are not so important. We work in the field of utilities since 2003, and that period of time has certainly been successful. Company ECOSANTEH was the first one to supply Moldova with italian pumps Pedrollo, and thus the brand has now become extremely popular on the domestic market. However, we can offer customers not only pumps, but also a huge number of other products from the range, numbering thousands of unique items of goods.

If you believe that a really high-quality equipment should be worth the investment in its buying, then we both are totally on the same page, because ECOSANTEH represents only official products from well-known European and Russian brands. We are proud to name the next manufacturers among our partners and, of course, our friends:

Pedrollo, Bugatti Valvosanitaria, Icma, Officine Rigamonti, Zilmet, Luigi Floridia, Ferroli (Italy)

Era, Teplodar, RosTurPlast (Russia)

Esbe (Sweden)

Genebre (Spain)

Oras (Finland)

ACV (Belgium)

…and many others!

Cooperation with us - it's not just a business relationship as a "seller - buyer". As for our customers, we're allways choosing the most convenient option in all aspects, which is why we have a loan program and highly skilled installation services. Our sales consultants are always ready to help in the selection of the product and describe it in detail, so you can get more advice and choose the best option, even if you do not yet know what specific decision is required.

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