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Phone number: +373 686-05-016

Attention: pumps for diagnostic or repair are not accepted in a store! You have to bring equipment to the service center at str. M.Dosoftei 124/7 (enter at str.Columna, 145) - please, before the visit, contact the number +373 686-05-016.

Proper work of engineering systems and communications is the starting point for the successful operation of the building, both residential and commercial. The key types of utilities are: heating, water supply (water supply and sewerage system), ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC), electrical wiring. Their trouble-free functioning is ensured by several conditions, one of which - a competent installation and commissioning at the initial stage. These factors usually predetermine largely the duration of product's durability, only if the rules of operation specified in the guarantee statement are respected. Find a person conducting a qualitative installation is not that easy as it may seem, and this problem is familiar to anyone who has at least once in a lifetime looking for workmen for the installation of the boiler or pump. Fortunately, this problem is solved very quickly for us!ECOSANTEH S.R.L. ensures multifunctional services for the installation and commissioning of engineering equipment, such as heating, water supply systems, irrigation, ventilation, sanitation and water treatment. We provide a wide range of services: an initial assessment of the premises, consultation for the most effective use of the equipment; the selection of products in accordance; distribution of engineering equipment.

Our offer:
- Installation of pump equipment (pumps, pumping stations, etc.) And other accessories and components thereof;
- Installation of piping and solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, radiators;
- Installation of underfloor heating systems (so called "warm floor");
- Assembling and dismantling, start-up operations;
- Diagnosis, repair, warranty and post-warranty service.

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